Reagan Textiles, Inc. is a leading supplier of high quality sorbent products ideal for both oil and water based solvents. Choose from pads, rolls, booms, socks, pillows and spill kits. We have a solution for all of your sorbent needs.

5 Gallon Oil Only Spill Kit
  • 5 GAL
  • Spill Kit in 5 Gallon Drum
  • Code: RTIZ-5GAL-SK
55 Gallon Oil Only Spill Kit
  • 55 GAL
  • Spill Kit in 55 Gallon Drum
  • Code: RTIZ-55GAL-SK
Oil Absorbent Only Heavy Weight Pads
  • 15"X17
  • Heavy Weight Pads, 100/Bale
  • Code: P100
Oil Absorbent Only Light Weight Pads
  • 15"X17
  • Light Weight Pads, 200/Bale
  • Code: P200
Oil Absorbent Only Medium Weight Pads
  • 15"X17
  • Medium Weight Pads, 100/Bale
  • Code: R-EP100