Reagan Textiles, Inc. is a leader in the field. From our large production facility, we can supply all of your wiper needs. No request is too large or too small! Our innovative packaging reduces the storage size of this once bulky inventory item to a 50% smaller packaging. There are many grades to choose from. If you are not certain which item is appropriate for your particular situation, just contact our Customer Service representatives and we will guide your choice.

Premium All White Cotton Tee shirt Rags
  • 25 Pounds
  • Absorbent Premium White Tee Shirt
  • Code: RTI700425BAG
White Cotton Knit with Trace Color Rags
  • 25 Pounds
  • Absorbent White Tee Shirt with trace Color
  • Code: RTI700825BAG
White Cotton Woven Rags
  • 25 Pounds
  • Absorbent White Wovens
  • Code: RTI700625BAG
White Fleece Rags
  • 25 Pounds
  • Absorbent White Sweatshirt
  • Code: RTI703925BAG